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How I became Happier and my Skin became Clearer

Updated: Aug 12

(Not Sponsored) This week, I wanted to share something that was a little personal because, if it can help someone else, then these unflattering pictures being posted up for everyone to see is worth it.

As most people in their teenage years, they deal with something way worse than going to school.

Yes, I am talking about acne.

Even the word acne makes you cringe.

Now back in High School my acne wasn’t that bad, after I graduated though, that was a different story.

5 days after our big graduation ceremony, my parents packed up our cars and drove us 13 hours to the Costal Bend (Corpus Christi).

With a new life I also gained a new issue: My skin was NOT HAVING IT.

I blamed it on the change in environment, living in such a dry environment with a sudden change of 110% humidity every day threw my skin into shock.

Break outs were a daily thing.

Then the cystic acne began…

With my new job, wearing makeup wasn’t really an option. I was outside all day and unless you had some extra special setting spray, your make up was going to melt off your face. It’s just facts.

So, dealing with a new environment, a new job and now my face didn’t want to cooperate?

I tried everything.

Eating Healthier? Check

Washing your face every morning and night? Check

Drinking more water? Check

Organic home-remedies? Check

Trying a million different facial cleaners? Check

Tried Proactive like everyone else? Check

But sadly, nothing worked, so I just had to let it be since I wasn't able to afford to go see a dermatologist and receive treatment.

After a little over a year, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel! My skin wasn’t breaking out as bad anymore!

Then a few months later I decided to move back on my own to that super dry environment I had previously lived.

Then the craziest thing happened!

My skin got worse then what it was before.

(Pictures Taken 01/10/2019)

I lived with it for about a year till I had enough and started doing some research on the internet and came across “Curology”.

I was skeptical, even after seeing the positive reviews online.

I had already tried everything, including Proactive, so what makes Curology different?

They happened to be running some sort of special at the time and thought “What the hell, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just go back to the drawing board”.

So, I bought it.

When starting the process of ordering the product, I was pleasantly surprised.

A series of questions started, asking about what type of skin you have? What is your facial cleaning routine? What type of acne are you experiencing? And so on, they even asked about neck, and shoulder acne!

After all the questions were answered, it gathered up all the information and created a product that is catered just for your own skin. And I absolutely loved that! Because not everyone has the same skin, so of course why would a single product “made for all skin types” work? That’s because it doesn’t.

The system gives you all the ingredients of what your acne medicine is made up of and why. The different ingredients targets what is truly wrong with your skin and fixes the problem.

After that, it pairs you up with your very own virtual dermatologist (who is a real person on the other side of that screen). Then your matched dermatologist gives you a list of what may be causing your acne (such as hormone imbalance, and other factors.) They also give you tips to help keep your skin healthy along with your prescribed acne medicine.

After everything was said and done, my acne medicine was shipped out and I received it about a week later.

It came with specific instructions on how to use it.

Mine specifically recommended to use it right before I went to bed. Wash my face, pat it dry, then use a small amount to rub into my face. Then BOOM I was done.

I started seeing results almost immediately, it only took a couple weeks. Granted it was a very small change but I could tell the difference.

(Pictures Taken 01/31/2019)

Then weeks turned into months, and my face was clearer!

(Pictures Taken 03/21/2019)

I have been SO incredibly happy with my results, and so happy I took a chance on Curology despite my skeptical nature.

(Pictures Taken 4/19/2020)

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